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About Fekitori

KPAL is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, production, sales and technical services of new high-performance functional films. The company is equipped with advanced imported production equipment and exclusive R&D and production team. It has its own factory in China, and produces several kinds of films with imported American raw materials and glues. The products of KPAL has been produced by integrated production system and advanced R&D system. KPAL's own technology may cover TPU resin compounding, TPU film forming and chemical formulating and precise coating.

PPF Production Process
  • Acceptance of Raw Materials

    Material: primary film, resist film

    Chemicals: top coating, glue

  • Primary Film Pretreatment

    Chemical treatment: silane coupling agent

    Physical treatment: corona

  • Coating Adhesive

    On the detached basement film

  • Composite Detached Film/Thermal Ripening

    Adhesive film transferred to TPU film

  • Untie the original film

    American original film: one-sided protective film

    Japanese primary film: double protective film

  • Coating top coating

    Slit coating

    Anilox roller coating

  • Drying Cylinder Pre-Drying

    Temperature curve control

  • Protective Film Pretreatment


  • Composite PET protection film

    Tear open the PET protective film and apply the PE protective film

  • Kuporesa

    Thermal ripening

    Light ripening

  • Slitting/packaging

    Kutsigira kutonga

  • kutakura
R & D chikwata

KPAL established the industry's first doctoral research and development team laboratory in China, euipped with top equipment at home and abroad. To realize the best PPF balanced protection, excellent overseas doctoral researchers represented by Dr. Qian, developed products of special customization for the Chinese environment. The laboratory owned a number of invention patents, wrote 15 professional academic reports, while formed a number of highly sophisticated R&D team with doctoral talents.

QC Process

Details determine success or failure, quality is the foundation of a brand.