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Brand Origin

KPAL Film is originated from America J.W film company. J.W Film company has always been committed to coating materials R & D and sales, its professional strength in the industry has a strong competitiveness. The company develops and studies the diversified products that can be applied as a whole, contributes to the development of the industry, and promises to convey better value experience to customers with high performance products and pro-environmental technology.

As the world's leading supplier of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), KPAL FILM has advanced paint finish and surface protection technology. The high-performance TPU of the KPAL Film is applied in various areas such as the adhesive coating machine, the automobile industry and the electronic display screen, while the KPAL Film is also one of the main companies of the non-coated TPU and the pendi yekudzivirira firimu in the global automotive aftermarket.

Brand Core

With the top performance, advanced technology and excellent quality of KPAL product, KPAL Film has become a famous brand of transparent film in the world. Over the years, the brand carries the customer's recognition and trust, in line with the rigorous and innovative professional attitude, people-oriented service concept, hope to become a world-class paint protection film brand.

With new high-precision equipment such as SOLT DIE Coating and UV-cure, KPAL is concentrating on realizing the intelligent equipment and high quality PPF.


Inoshanda zvidzidzo

• KPAL is a world-renowned Automotive Protection Film brand, which is originated in the United States. 

• KPAL owns a wide range of automotive protective film products; PPF(Paint Protection Film), LPF(Light Protection Film), RPF(Roof Protection Film), WPF(Windshield Protection Film), etc..

• The products of KPAL has been produced by integrated production system and advanced R&D system. KPAL's own technology may cover TPU resin compounding, TPU film forming and chemical formulating  and precise coating. 

• The TSP (Technical Solution Providing) Team supports various technical solutions including installation, maintenance and trouble-shooting to the customers.