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Nzira yekutarisira motokari yako mu autumn?

Dheti: 2022-11-10

It's autumn again, a time of erratic weather, when not only our bodies and skin are put to the test by climate change, but so are our cars. So how do we get a full car care for our car in the fall?


Often clean your car

Some people think their car doesn't look dirty at all and there's no need to clean it. No! There are a lot of dust in the air that we can't see with the naked eye,some of them are corrosive. When they stay on the surface of the car paint for too long, they will penetrate the car paint, causing the car paint yellow and producing mottled stains. Therefore, cleanliness is very important.




First,washing your car body with a high-pressure water gun. If you do not clean up the fine dust on the surface of the car, there will be small dust particles scratch the paint in the scrubbing process below.




Then,scrub the car body with detergent. Some people in order to save trouble, prefer to take household laundry detergent to clean, in fact, these cleaners are alkaline - is harmful to the car paint. 


Apply a mask for your car 

In the changeable weather conditions of autumn, compared with the high frequency of the car wash, a"facial mask"is a more do not worry about maintenance. This "mask" can be attached to the surface of the car for a long time to protect the paint from damage.



KPAL paint protective film, preferably TPU material combined with high-tech surface coating, can be tightly fitted to the surface of the car -- not only to resist driving gravel particles caused by scratches on the car paint, but also to effectively prevent the corrosion of chemical aggression.




And with this "mask", it's harder for dust to stick to the paint, making it easier to wash your car at home. This autumn, do a deep maintenance for your car!