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The difference between mechanized and manual film cutting

Dheti: 2022-11-28

With the growth of the lacquer protective film industry and the popularity of high-precision 3D technology, in the past, it takes 1 month to learn, skilled at least 1 year [car film cutting] technology, now there is a more efficient and convenient way -special car machine cutting film.

So what are the differences between hand cutting and machine cutting?

Kucheka ruoko 

Choose the construction method of hand cutting. The film workers can judge the reserved proportion of the car film according to the actual situation, and flexibly cut the processing, so as to achieve a tight and perfect edge and corner wrapping effect. Therefore, the hand cutting is part of the workers in the face of uncertain factors, more believe in experience and feel of the choice.


The construction time of manual film cutting and laminating for a car is about 10~12 hours, and about 13.5 meters of materials ndivo inoda. 


Machine cutting

 "Completely avoid the risk of vehicle cutting and disassembly".A car has zvisingaverengeki edges and lines, and a pendi inodzivirira firimu construction, at least need to move 300 knife above the paint, and remove the LOGO, door handle, tail tag and other parts, any one of these links appears an accident, will become a big accident! The method of "cutting before pasting" can completely avoid the risk of cutting and disassembly.


The construction time of film cutting and laminating for a vehicle using software is about 8-10 hours, and about 11 meters of materials are needed.