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How to maintain your clear car wrap in winter?

DATUM: 2024/02/05

In winter, we often encounter problems with car paint, such as vehicle paint aging, paint that is easy to rust, oxidize, and fall off, etc. There are also many car owners who apply PPF till their cars in winter. This is mainly because cars are more likely to cause traffic accidents in winter, and car owners need to pay special attention when driving in winter. But there is a question that has been bothering many car owners, that is, how to bry sig om the car's paint when driving in winter?

Car ppf wrap is a special car färgskyddsfilm that not only protects the car paint surface from damage, but also improves the brightness of the car body. So how to maintain your clear car wrap in winter?

Uppmärksamma temperature adjustment when washing your car

Eftersom materialet av car paint film is allmänhet PVC, its temperature must be controlled well during car washing. It cannot be too high or too low. Generally, the temperature of car washing is around 10-30 degrees. If the temperature is too high, the ppf car wrap will easily become brittle and break; if the temperature is too low, the stealth ppf will also be frozen. Therefore, when washing the car, you need to pay attention to the temperature adjustment.

ppf car

Ansök vax for added protection 

Om bil is often parked in the open air, it is recommended that the owner apply an automotive ppf to the car and then apply polish or paraffin wax, which can effectively prevent the car paint from being oxidized, worn and scratched.

Covered wrap

If the local temperature is below minus 10 degrees, then ppf stealth wrap needs to be placed in the garage or car cover for protection. Because when the weather is cold, hydrophobic ppf is easy to freeze, and the frystes ppf clear film may affect its effectiveness.

bil wrap

Use a soft brush for soft snow removal

In winter, it snows in many places. Especially after snow, Thece is easy to accumulate on the surface of the car body covering, causing scratches on the car cover and affecting its appearance. Therefore, when snow accumulates after snow, car owners should clear the snow in time. When removing snow,you'd better use a soft-bristled brush to remove snow. Be sure to wipe the car clean before cleaning it to prevent snow and gravel from falling on the paint surface, which will affect the beauty of the paint surface. In winter, due to the cold weather, rain and snow are acidic. If not wiped in time, it will corrode the tpu ppf film.

car soft brush

 Regular kolla upp

The service life of PPF päls is generally about 5 years, so car owners behöver regularly inspect and maintain the car paint protector film according to their actual situation to avoid the aging of the invisible car clothing.

The above is the relevant content on how to maintain paint protection film wrap in winter. KPALFILM hopes all car owners can pay more attention when driving in winter. Proper maintenance of good ppf can extend its service life.